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About me

Printmaker, Artist and Educator. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and received my early education in Washington state and Michigan state.  After high school graduation I worked in the manufacturing industry for many years.  During those years my interest in art found expression through drawing and painting.  I studied Graphic Arts at the Shreveport-Bossier Technical Institute, and worked in the commercial printing industry for 12 years as a production manager.  During this time, I exhibited paintings in numerous shows. I am also a freelance Graphic designer.

I continued my education by attending San Antonio College to study art.  After transferring to the University of Texas in San Antonio I chose to concentrate on printmaking. In 2007 I joined the Faculty at the Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation and to teach classes/workshops in printmaking for the Majestic School. In 2008 I earned a Master’s degree from the University of Texas and joined the Faculty part time. In 2010, I accepted a position as Adjunct Instructor at the International Academy of Design & Technology teaching basic fundamentals 2D Design, Design process, Color theory, Elements of Advertising, Image Manipulation, Illustration, Layout and Design (InDesign), Graphic/Art History and Culture. In 2016 I accepted a position at the Art Institute in San Antonio. Subjects I teach include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (layout and design), 2D Design and Color Fundamentals.

I enjoy the opportunity teaching provides. It is a pleasure working with students, trying to help them achieve their goals, to grow to progress. I also believe that learning should be fun.

My current work reflects my interest in form, color, texture and space, both personal and private.  Drawing from my experience in manufacturing my work exhibits an interest in systems and the processes of making art, both social and political.

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